Top 4 Digital Marketing Programs Offered in Michigan

In an increasingly digital age, the idea of conducting effective business and marketing strategies online has quickly become a very critical aspect to any business’ success.  As a result, the job market boomed and the demand for effective digital marketers has soared in recent years.  Many schools are now beginning to implement curriculum for this field.  Below are, in my opinion, 4 of the best digital marketing programs offered by colleges within the state of Michigan.

University of Michigan – Dearborn:

Recently rated as one of the top 40 Digital Marketing programs in the country, U of M Dearborn one of the best schools in the area for learning about how to conduct business, as well as advertise and market to your customers, using various platforms of digital media.  The curriculum provides students with a variety of tools needed to succeed in this vastly growing field.  Students will learn how to utilize essential tactics to be successful in the workforce:

  • Search Engine Optimization:  Optimize your website to be indexed by search engines, and utilizing various techniques, both on site and off, to improve your website’s PageRank and visibility within the search results.
    • On Site SEO:  Optimizing the content hosted on your site to help increase your webpage’s ranging and visibility within organic search results, such as writing and producing relevant, quality information that will be useful to readers, as well as implementing meta tags and data to your site, forming a keyword strategy, and ensuring your page is accessible to Google’s crawlbots.
    • Off Site SEO:  The process of building your website’s ranking through various methods away from your site.  One of the most critical aspects of off site SEO is finding ways to obtain quality backlinks to your site.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including sharing your site’s content on relevant sources, sharing quality content to your followers on social media, and contacting other webmasters about sharing your content on their page.
  • Social Network Marketing: Utilizing various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to distribute your content and communicate with consumers, research market needs, and discover the interests of potential clients.
  • Viral Marketing: Developing engaging and interesting content, such as videos and graphics, and sharing through various platforms.  The objective is to develop content that others will want to share and spread to viewers across the web.
  • Web Analytics:  Collecting and analyzing data from different websites, and utilizing the information you discover to develop more impactful ads, as well as improve the overall quality of your site.
  • Reputation Management:  Manage the image of your site’s brand by tracking what people think of your content online.

University of Michigan – Dearborn: Digital Marketing Curriculum.


Eastern Michigan University:

Eastern Michigan University offers a graduate certificate program in the field of eBusiness.  Because it is a grad program,students must first acquire a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution before they will be able to apply.  The program offers various courses in the field of Digital Marketing, as well as several more that focus on covering different aspects of Internet Business Strategy, eCommerce Law, and several other topics that are crucial for successfully advertising your product or content online.

Eastern Michigan University: eBusiness Program

Ferris State University:

At Ferris State University, students can enroll in a program offering a certification in eCommerce Marketing.  Though this is not a degree program,  will provide students with a wide variety of different tools, strategies, and information that will be critical to success once out in the workforce.  This curriculum can be completed entirely online, and covers different aspects on online advertising, as well as how to successfully conduct your business over the web. Classes are also offered to build students’ data management abilities.  For enrolled students, this certification is available entirely online.

Ferris State University: eCommerse Courses

Western Michigan University

At Western Michigan University, a degree in eBusiness Marketing is being offered to students interested in pursuing a career in  . To prepare students for a variety of different online business fields, courses are offered to help them develop an array essential skills for successfully practicing eCommerse, implementing digital marketing strategies, utilizing social media, and developing quality webpage content and mobile apps.

Western Michigan University: eBusiness Marketing Degree



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