Search and Visibility Project is Coming to an End

The end of the semester is upon us here at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, and it has become that time where all of our projects from the semester are coming to and end.  Throughout my time in this course, I really enjoyed learning about the different Search Engine Optimization techniques commonly utilized in the field of online marketing to help boost your webpage’s visibility and page rank within various search engine results.  I also learned a lot about the importance of building reputable backlinks and a variety of ways to tackle this task, ranging from sharing relevant, useful, and original content pertaining to your site’s topic of focus to writing blog posts for another writer and linking back to your own material.

Although I feel that I learned a lot over the past few months about the world of internet marketing, my page’s current ranking is not quite where I had hoped it would be.  This semester has definitely shown me the importance of time management when incorporating your digital campaign.  Many of the strategies I had learned to building reputable backlings take time to implement and for your results to show.  There were several methods that I would have liked to utilize on this project, but I waited too long to begin them and didn’t provide myself enough time to fully incorporate these strategies into my campaign.  I learned a very crucial lesson from this: SEO is a process, you won’t see results overnight.  It is something you need to continuously work at over time and work towards your desired results.  Given the opportunity to do this project over again, I would work on practicing effective time management, and I would focus much more on getting my project off to a solid start early on in the semester.


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