Building Quality Backlinks to Improve Search Optimization

In the world of Digital Marketing, one of the key focuses to success is your ability to create reputable, quality backlinks to your webpage.  This means getting other people to view your website’s content, and posts links that lead back to it on their own page. Depending on the PageRank and quality of the backlinks acquired, thy can have an immense impact on your site’s PageRank, credibility, and ultimately, placement within google search results.  This challenge may seem very overwhelming to SEO newcomers. Luckily, the number of tools and tactics available create unlimited opportunities for Digital Marketers to enhance their product.  Once you have a grasp of some of the critical concepts, tools, and strategies, you will be limited only by your own creativity, perseverance, and work ethic.

To help build reputable backlinks to your content and increase your PageRank, countless strategies and tactics are being developed and practiced by Digital Marketing every day throughout the eBusiness industry.  Several of these tactics are briefly described below:

  • Create social media platforms to represent your webpage, and share content and news about your area of focus with your followers.  These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, and many others.  Post quality, engaging content, and readers will want to share your link.
  • Create YouTube videos relating to key topics covered or posted about on your webpage.  This adds relevant, quality content to your page, can easily be shared by viewers, and allows for the opportunity to backlink your own page from the video.
  • Submit guest blog posts to a variety of websites.  Focus on topics relating to your website’s theme.  You can then link your own content within the post.
  • Post in relevant forums.  Create threads relating to your website’s focus and link to your website within the post.  Communicate with members of the community and share your relevant links within the comments.  Also, add your website’s link to your Forum Signature.
  • Identify broken links on another website related to your site’s topics.  This provides the opportunity to contact the site owner and request for him to replace the broken link with one of yours.
  • Answer questions related to your website’s theme on various Answer websites, such as Yahoo Answers.  You can then link your website as the source for your information. Although links posted in yahoo answers are ‘NoFollow’, you can drive traffic to your page by providing useful, informative information.
  • Interlink between related blog posts that you write.  PageRank is specific for each page, so interlinking pages can help to spread PageRank across your entire site network.

These are only a few techniques commonly used within the industry to help boost a website’s organic position within the Google Search Network, but countless others exist and can be very useful.  If you are interested in some other tactics commonly used, or need some inspiration for your next Digital Marketing campaign, I found the following articles to be extremely beneficial in providing new, creative ideas:


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