Top 4 Digital Marketing Programs Offered in Michigan

In an increasingly digital age, the idea of conducting effective business and marketing strategies online has quickly become a very critical aspect to any business’ success.  As a result, the job market boomed and the demand for effective digital marketers has soared in recent years.  Many schools are now beginning to implement curriculum for this field.  Below are, in my opinion, 4 of the best digital marketing programs offered by colleges within the state of Michigan.


Search and Visibility Project is Coming to an End

The end of the semester is upon us here at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, and it has become that time where all of our projects from the semester are coming to and end.  Throughout my time in this course, I really enjoyed learning about the different Search Engine Optimization techniques commonly utilized in the…

No Digital Marketing Degree from U of M Ann Arbor?

As technology advances, the importance of hosting an impactful, virtual platform to interact with customers is becoming increasingly important. Whether it’s creating an online store, hosting a community forum, or providing a reliable source for information about your service, your company’s internet presence is becoming a crucial factor to a businesses success. That is why I…

Building Quality Backlinks to Improve Search Optimization

In the world of Digital Marketing, one of the key focuses to success is your ability to create reputable, quality backlinks to your webpage.  This means getting other people to view your website’s content, and posts links that lead back to it on their own page. Depending on the PageRank and quality of the backlinks acquired, thy can…

Video Powerpoint on Digital Marketing

For this project, I have created a series of videos relating to various aspects of Digital Marketing that I have talked about on my page.  Not only do these add rich, new content to my webpage, but I can also create valuable back-links with these YouTube videos, helping to increase my Page Rank.

What is Digital Marketing and SEO?

Digital Marketing involves utilizing various digital media platforms, such as mobile devices, social media, and webpages across the internet to spread your content, drive traffic, communicate messages to consumers, and increase your conversion rate. Nowadays, many successful comlanies regularly utilize these tactics to promote their brand over the web and sell their products or services….

University of Michigan – Dearborn Ranked as one of the Top 40 Programs in the Country!

Recently, a team at researched various Digital Marketing and eBusiness degrees offered by colleges and universities all throughout the country.  Included in their research were Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, as well as non-degree certificates.  From their research, a list of 40 of the top programs throughout the country was compiled, and the University…

Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept

Throughout the course of this semester, many topics have been covered in my Digital Marketing course at the University of Michigan – Dearborn.  One of the most important concepts that we have discussed is known as the “Search and Visibility” concept.  The basis of this concept involves incorporating the different techniques we learned in this…